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Our work on the Marchutz Catalogue Raisonné comes in many forms. It has but one objective: to preserve the artwork of Leo Marchutz for generations to come. We invite you to support our three major goals for 2024.

With the help of Ayse Ersoy and Christina Li, our two summer interns from Princeton University, we began organizing, identifying and scanning the vast corpus of drawings created by Leo Marchutz during World War II. This long and meticulous process will continue to be the focus of our conservation efforts for the year to come.

Leo Marchutz, Angel and the Blind Man, c. 1940-45. Pencil on paper. (Left)
Leo Marchutz, Mary Magdalene and Angel, c. 1940-45. Pencil on paper. (Right)

The documentary film, Leo Marchutz & Lithography, directed by James Ruffato and produced by the catalogue raisonné project, was the first of a planned set of three related documentaries on Leo and his work. In 2024 we hope to complete part two of the documentary, which will focus on the subject of Marchutz and Cezanne.

Leo Marchutz (fourth from the left) is seen here in 1961, supervising the unpacking of the painting Portrait de Marie Cezanne, soeur de l’artiste. Appointed by the city, Marchutz curated two major Cézanne exhibits in Aix at the Pavillon de Vendôme (in 1956 and 1961).

Building on our relationship with the museum at the Camp des Milles (the largest internment and deportation camp in the south of France) where Marchutz was interned at the onset of WWII, we aim to develop a multimedia console dedicated to Léo, his story and his artwork. Our intention is to pair the implementation of the console with an exhibit, an accompanying catalog, and conference.

In early September 1939, Leo Marchutz was interned at the Camp des Milles. Considered an “enemy of the French nation” he was detained, along with roughly 3,000 other German and Austrian artists and intellectuals. The Camp would later be used as a transit center from which over 2,000 Jews would eventually be deported to Auschwitz.

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Our Mission

THE LEO MARCHUTZ CATALOGUE RAISONNÉ IS THE FIRST COORDINATED INITIATIVE TO RESEARCH,  locate, and digitally record information on the artwork of Leo Marchutz. Our goal is to preserve the artistic legacy of Marchutz and bring heightened-awareness to his life and his artwork.

THIS IS A VOLUNTEER PROJECT that relies solely on the involvement and enthusiasm of our supporters. 


Each year, we single out one or several major projects that will receive the majority of the funds collected. A part of all contributions goes to the organization of professional photo shoots of the artwork and to cover operational costs such as our research platform, website maintenance and printing costs.

EVERY DONATION, NO MATTER HOW MODEST, TAKES US ONE STEP CLOSER to reaching our goal of preserving the artwork of Leo Marchutz for generations to come. We are forever grateful to those of you who have supported us thus far. Please consider making a donation to help us continue to promote and preserve the life’s work of Leo Marchutz. 


I want to help preserve the legacy of Leo Marchutz for generations to come.

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