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2021 has been a productive year. Our principal goal of documenting and preserving the lithographs of Leo Marchutz is well underway. We reinforced our team with four academic interns, tracked down more artwork, and co-organized events to raise public awareness.

2022 will be a year of focus and ambition. As we continue to catalog the lithos, it is our hope to produce a short documentary film on Leo’s lithographic work. Complete with exclusive interviews of those who worked closely with him, the film will document Marchutz’s many innovations in printmaking and provide insight into how he pursued this physically taxing and complex medium to produce some of the finest examples of his art.

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Preserving the artistic legacy of Leo Marchutz 
is the goal of the project for a catalogue raisonné,
which we’re certain will bring heightened awareness
to his life and work.

Antony Marschutz, Son of Leo Marchutz

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Since we began cataloging the artwork of Leo Marchutz in 2019, we have researched and recorded 670 works of art. This represents 350 paintings and 320 unique lithographic editions. The vast majority of these 670 works has been professionally photographed or scanned in preparation of the future Leo Marchutz Online Catalogue Raisonné.

Discover the documentation process and the mysteries of the catalogue raisonné!
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A significant portion of Leo Marchutz’s artwork is dispersed in private collections around the world, many of which have not yet been identified.

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Cataloging the Artwork

The gallery below is a small selection of the paintings and lithographs of Leo Marchutz that have been cataloged thus far.  

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Donation and FUND-RAISING

The Leo Marchutz Catalogue Raisonné is a 100% volunteer project being undertaken by students, friends, family, and admirers of the artist Leo Marchutz. We rely solely on the involvement and enthusiasm of our supporters. Without their help, this project would  have been nearly impossible. With it, we’ve been able to make progress that seemed unimaginable three years ago. We sincerely thank our many backers from around the world. 

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