HELLO 2020!

Best wishes from The Marchutz Catalogue Raisonné Project

As we begin the New Year with momentum and enthusiasm, we are pleased to share with you our plans for 2020. Our first goal is to remain focused on cataloging the artwork of Leo Marchutz. We will continue active-research in museums and in private collections around the world, and we will be launching a “Call for Submissions” campaign encouraging owners to submit information on their artwork to us.

Our next critical goal for 2020 is to begin a photo archive of the artwork. Because so many of Leo Marchutz’s images were created on paper, this body of his work is inherently fragile. In the long term it will need to be placed in the care of trained conservators. For now, it needs to be professionally photographed in digital form.

Leo Marchutz, Head (1925) Pastel on Paper



We have launched a 45-day campaign to raise funds for photographing the artwork, beginning with the endangered works on paper. It is our sincere hope that our initial backers will continue to support us, and that those who haven’t donated in the past will consider joining us as we continue our efforts to protect the artwork and secure the legacy of Leo Marchutz.


2019 was a successful year. With the support of a large circle of donors from Europe and North America, we established an online research platform, developed a multi-page website, created a French non-profit to coordinate activities, and made significant progress on our first phase of cataloging Marchutz’s pre-war period paintings.


Research for the catalogue located 215 works of Leo Marchutz in the following museum collections:

We sincerely thank our supporters for having enabled us to make 2019 a year of so many accomplishments. We couldn’t have done it without you!